Rosies Tea Rooms

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More About the Teas We Offer:-

Twinings Assam: A deep amber tea with a malty character.
Twinings Ceylon: A light & refreshing tea with calming undertones from Sri Lanka.
Twinings Darjeeling: A pale tea with a character likened to the Muscatel Grape.
Twinings Earl Grey: A light, fragrant tea infused with the delicate flavour of bergamont.
Twinings Lady Grey: Zesty & bright,a pale golden tea infused with refreshing citrus flavouring.
Twinings Lapsang Souchong: A strong golden tea with a distinctive smokey character.
Twinings Organic Pure Camomile: A delicate aromatic infusion with relaxing properties.
Twinings Organic Pure Peppermint: A refreshing infusion with a clean taste.
Twinings Pure Green Tea: A light clean taste with a beautiful golden colour.

All these teas are best left to brew for 2 to 6 minutes, or until you think it’s ready.  Enjoy black, with milk, honey or lemon, according to your taste.

In addition to Twinings Teas we also offer:-

Clipper Tea
Decaffeinated Yorkshire Tea
Choice of Fruit Teas: by London Fruit + Herb Co:-
Blueberry Bliss
Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower
Ginger & Lemon
Green Tea & Blackcurrant
Green Tea & Jasmine Flowers
Green Tea & Peach
Green Tea & Raspberry
Sweet Camomile
Sweet Peppermint